Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Starting out

This actually suppose to be about how I hate (kinda) my job. But I will save that for another day. I read several blogs, several times a day. So I decided to give this a shot. I read several books a month. Therefore I'm working on that too. ;)

A little bit about me. My name is Brandi, I currently reside in Ga. I'm an easy going person, who is trying to build up my resume, which is why I moved to Georgia in the 1st place. I manage a store that I relocated to for my job. I have a Bachelors degree in Management from a HBCU. I'm 25 years fabulous, have a boyfriend of nearly 3 years now, no kids, a younger brother and both my parents have been on drugs for 17 years.

Also, feel free to communicate whatev with me. I'm no counselor, but I've been through so much, that I could help out.

Jumping to next subject. I'm not sure what I will blog about. But it will definitely be a mix for u, let's see: my life, headlines, some celebs, facts I feel you should know, and any (maybe all) suggestions you may have. Let's do this.

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